Friday, 9 January 2015

The best place to be

Ok so this is one of my all time favourites, usually I start taking photos as soon as possible. Alot of clients prefer to have a few photos taken before they put there hat on and I like this time to establish a rapport with client and horse, see how they are together and get them used to me and my lens. Something happens to people as they become what I call "horsified", they come from wherever, domestic chores, endless emails or general demands of their work or home life, to a place of harmony. Whether they bring the horse in themselves or just give them a stroke before getting on. Something universal happens as they handle and talk to the horse, a calm comes over them, their shoulders drop, the corners of their mouth come up and wrinkles disappear as their faces relax. I had finished taken a few photos of this client tacking up Deuce, a wonderfully big and beautiful horse. Then I was just walking slightly ahead down to the school when I turned to see where they were I saw this wonderful expression on my clients face. For me it sums up what being around horses does for the busy person, she is not away with the fairy's, she is in paradise with her steed.

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