Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Turning the corner

This is my friend and riding instructor who censors photographs of her riding very critically.Not surprisingly I am absolutely chuffed she likes this one of her.This moment came towards the end of our photo session together. Ever the Equine professional, she takes her riding very seriously, but is also a very warm and funny person. Easy to photograph as she glides round cutting shapes and practising dressage moves. But this brings to my mind a common challenge when photographing horse and rider, someones personality could easily be missed as they concentrate on their riding technique and photos can, perhaps, not really capture the real person. So whats going on here, lovely shape and even though its actually in colour the light of the day and the scenery in the school makes it look almost black and white. Given its a grey(or white) horse, and she is wearing black the contrasts are dramatic. What makes it special to me though is her smile just as she made the turn a friend arrived on the yard, she looked up towards her and was so glad to see her and I took the shot, lovely.

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