Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why i-click photos

This photo is one of the first taken that gave me a hint of confidence to take more photos and actually say out loud i-click photos. The conditions were far from ideal a misty November morning, cold and dark. A purist would no doubt point out a host of faults with this photo, but you know what I like it and more importantly my client loved it for you see it tells a story. My client is riding the horse in the foreground, it is her new horse and she is riding sitting trot without stirrups all a bit tense and trying very hard to relax. This new horse is going to be a challenge for her, stretch her and that is exciting. Very different, from the comfort and safety of her old horse who is being ridden in the back ground, literally fading away out of sight, her first horse took my client to this point but now its time for her to move on and here she is moving on. Alison i-click photos

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